Planning the Ideal Kitchen

Creating the ideal kitchen is an exciting opportunity but can quickly become overwhelming. Where do you begin? The layout of the square footage is always a first priority. A successful design caters to how you plan to use the space. Whether creating culinary masterpieces, feeding a large family or for life-on-the-go, the kitchen needs to accommodate specific needs. Open-plan kitchens incorporate a dining area. Kitchen islands offer extra prep space and storage. Open shelving provides a contemporary style. Overall, there needs to be a balance of scale, proportion, functionality and aesthetics.

Slider Kitchen Floor Tile

Considering Practical Elements

It can be all too easy to forget all about the floor. One of the biggest surface areas of the room, the floor needs to be practical, long-lasting and yet contribute to the decor. It’s best to avoid trends and focus on a more timeless look. A kitchen face-lift is far more difficult when the flooring gets involved. Storage is another essential aspect. The kitchen houses essentials from pots, pans, dishes and cutlery to spices. Avoid clutter by considering where that oversized crockpot is going to live ahead of time. Make certain no space is wasted and all appliances are accounted for.

Herringbone Tile In Kitchen

Exploring Design Choices

Your kitchen’s color palette is also a big decision. Neutral is safe but dabbling with blues, greens or the shades that speak to you can elevate your enjoyment of the space. Be careful about getting bold with more permanent aspects such as cupboards and backsplashes. Remember to include the flooring when choosing wall colors, countertops and appliances. Because there is so much to incorporate into the kitchen, consulting with professionals is always a step in the right direction. Those with experience in design, knowledge of the latest innovations and awareness of requirements can prove invaluable, helping to avoid mistakes and ensure a kitchen that exceeds expectations.

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